This gives me something to do in the post NYE lull. Why else would I bother after such a dismal result last year! Having said that, my HE predictions were far better than my politics ones. So, here goes:

  1. There will not be an HE Bill (again).
  2. The Government will press ahead with the Teaching Excellence Framework
  3. The Degree Awarding Powers process will be compressed. Note, this is not the same as being made easier.
  4. Proposals to establish the Office for Students will evolve into something that is more akin to renaming HEFCE and merging QAA and HEA.
  5. A new taskforce of some kind will be established to review the roll out of the GPA.
  6. HEFCE will grind on with its merciless review of the Quality Assessment regime in England.
  7. The EU referendum will take place, HE will make a lot of effort contribute thoughtfully to the debate, but the campaign will get mired in nonsense so I doubt we’ll be heard.
  8. Applications to HE will grow, but only just. The narrative will shift to the figures below the headlines and who is applying from where.
  9. A consensus will emerge about the inclusion of student visas in the immigration numbers. They will be separated and reported differently.
  10. Sajid Javid will not be Secretary of State for BIS by the end of the year. Boris Johnson will be appointed to replace him.

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