20140125-225447.jpgMy Exeter colleague Francesca Stavrakopoulou tweeted a top 10 list yesterday of how to get ahead in academia. I couldn’t resist retweeting and think it’s worth blogging.

1 – Ignore the competition
2 – Don’t worry about the poshies or the rich. Any nepotism *should* evaporate once you’ve got into uni
3 – Learn how to listen to other people’s views with respect and generosity. You can put them right in persuasive academic writing
4 – Don’t feel you need to adopt an academic uniform – especially if you’re a woman. Power dressing muffles your voice
5 – Read well beyond your field, and read fiction. Imagination is central to thinking about alternative worlds
6 – Do lots of dancing. In public or private. Dancing keeps you happy
7 – Be gobby when you need to be, and don’t wait to be invited for promotion; put yourself forward because few others will do it for you
8 – Only write about stuff that really interests you. It’ll lack heart – and be unconvincing – otherwise
9 – Never let go of the feeling that you’re a fraud or that you’re not clever enough
10 – Share your learning with those outside the ivory tower. There’s *nothing* better than passing on the privilege.


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