20140119-154237.jpg I read this blog post by Jamie Bartlett on the Telegraph at the weekend.

Some really interesting statistics in there. For example, when Facebook announced that it had achieved 1 billion users, it couldn’t confirm whether 100 million of them were human! Or Twitter can only confirm that of it’s 950million (or so) account holders, only 25% (230million’ish) are active once a month or more , and of those only 40% actually use it to tweet (about 92 million) with the rest just snooping around in the background reading the goings on in other people’s lives.

Jamie Bartlett argues that this is a nightmare for advertisers who like to know whether the numbers of viewers/potential customers they are told about are real. Understandable.

Does this burst the bubble or the myth of social media? I don’t think so, just adds a bit of balance. For Facebook, 900million worldwide users is pretty phenomenal, even Twitter’s 230million active users and snoopers is mind-bogglingly impressive.


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