I stumbled across this little treat this morning. A beautiful short film released by the British Film Institute about London in 1927, it’s in colour, so captures the full majesty of all the city had to offer.

Personally I’m struck by how little seems to have changed. With the exception of the River Thames that isn’t quite so packed with ships and boats now that many of the factories and warehouses have closed and been converted.

But the similarities:
1) Big Red busses
2) Roads packed with cars
3) The monuments – Westminster Palace, Marble Arch, Trafalgar Square etc.
4) Shopping streets packed

I hadn’t realised how unchanged and steadfast much of the London landscape is. Of course, new and different buildings and landmarks have been added but they have only added to the traditional.

One more similarity that I loved (about 2 minutes in) when you see the pedestrian crossing and the three lanes of traffic just start driving in to pedestrians as soon as they are allowed to move! Still exactly the same.


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  1. Alison Jane Blackburn says:

    But look at how many people are wearing hats!

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