Didn’t do too badly last year, so here goes for 2014:
1) The Coalition will not survive the year. There will be a mutually agreed parting of ways late in 2014 as the two parties run out of steam and it becomes obvious that electoral politics is getting in the way of governing (properly this time)
2) There will be a serious reshuffle in the Summer with a wipe out of old faces and promotions for new. I guess that Ken Clarke, William Hague, George Young, Andrew Lansley, David Willetts, Dominic Grieve and Vince Cable will go.
3) UKIP will only just win the Euro elections, Labour will run them a close second.
4) UKIP will not win any parliamentary by-elections
5) Lib Dems will start to creep up towards 15% in opinion polls
6) Vince Cable will be appointed as the next European Commissioner from the UK
7) Andrew Mitchell will return to Government
8) Britain’s economy will be the fastest growing in the West
9) Scotland will vote “no” to independence, resoundingly. Although the media will insist that everything is still on a knife edge!
10) The Romania, Bulgaria panic will amount to nothing. Government overall immigration figures will continue to fall but nowhere near David Cameron’s 100,000 target
11) In the US Republicans will win the Senate as the ‘establishment wing’ starts to regain control.
12) House of Cards on Netflix will be AWESOME.


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