OK – so my blogging in 2013 was crap (i.e. non existent), but I haven’t forgotten that if I am to make predictions, I should have to hold myself to account. So how did I get on:

1. David Willetts and Vincent Cable will remain in their posts again – well done me

2. There will be no HE Bill again – there wasn’t

3. The will be a big shake up of Mission Groups with members shifting between the 1994 Group, University Alliance and Million+ – About half right I think. The 1994 group no longer exists!

4. University application figures will be up on 2012, but not on 2011 – this was a pot shot if I’m honest, but turned out I was right!

5. An FE College will gain University title – nope

6. MOOCs will continue to whip up hysteria (I will predict their demise on 1 January 2014), at least 3 new groupings of UK Universities, latching on to the hype, will be announced – this isn’t a hard fact, but I am going to mark myself correct on this one!

7. The REF submission process will go very smoothly (note: the skies have not fallen in and Hellena Handcart has not made an appearance as a consequence of ‘impact’ being measured!) – Not only has it gone smoothly, but it hasn’t even been newsworthy

8. Conservative MPs will find some spurious reason to pick on Les Ebdon and OFFA – wrong (not in public at least)

9. At least one University will have to close or merge to make ends meet – I should stop predicting this!

5 and half out of 9! Not too bad I suppose


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