20130101-152952.jpgHooray, I can now have a go at guessing predicting what will happen next year. Here’s what will happen in HE during 2013 (not in any order)

1. David Willetts and Vincent Cable will remain in their posts again
2. There will be no HE Bill again
3. The will be a big shake up of Mission Groups with members shifting between the 1994 Group, University Alliance and Million+
4. University application figures will be up on 2012, but not on 2011
5. An FE College will gain University title
6. MOOCs will continue to whip up hysteria (I will predict their demise on 1 January 2014), at least 3 new groupings of UK Universities, latching on to the hype, will be announced.
7. The REF submission process will go very smoothly (note: the skies have not fallen in and Hellena Handcart has not made an appearance as a consequence of ‘impact’ being measured!)
8. Conservative MPs will find some spurious reason to pick on Les Ebdon and OFFA
9. At least one University will have to close or merge to make ends meet.


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