Vince took the plunge and not a single Tory Cabinet Minister turned up to show support in the Commons when he was called to answer questions about the appointment.

I have nothing against Les Ebdon, he has an admirable track record, and I think UK HE will benefit from someone who is willing to speak his mind.

The trouble is, I think, that Tory MPs and and right-wing media outlets (just look at the response from the Spectator, the Telegraph) will become obsessed with ‘social engineering’ in HE at the expense of rational debate about University access. I am absolutely certain that abolishing OFFA will now become an article of faith for the Conservatives.


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  1. You might be interested in something i have written about this: The Tory response to the appointment of Les Ebdon has been more than a little revealing about their attitude to university access. I quite agree that a proper discussion, not simply statistics needs to be had.

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