Melanie Phillips is a woman of robust views, who never seems to let the facts get in the way of a good polemic.

Today, she’s writing in the Daily Mail about the ‘rot’ in our Universities and blames Vince Cable and his social engineering ways (my emphasis in bold)!

standards won’t rise until the dogma that ever-increasing numbers must gain degrees is finally discarded, along with the assault upon educational merit embodied in the anti-meritocratic quotas for candidates from the wrong side of the tracks. Unfortunately, Dr Cable is also a fully paid-up member of the ‘social engineering’ tendency.

I hate to break it to Melanie this way, but  . . . erm . . . The Lib Dems were the only party advocating cuts in University numbers at the last election (page 39):

Scrap the arbitrary target of 50 per cent of young people attending university, focussing effort instead on a balance of college education, vocational training and apprenticeships

But, don’t let that distract you from a good rant!


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