Just before Christmas, in a fit of multi-tasking I managed to drop my phone down the toilet!

For almost 3 years now, I have been the proud owner of an iPhone, MacBook Pro (also water damaged last year and replaced by MacBook Air!) and iPad. I am proud to be a relentless advertisement and advocate of Steve Jobs’ genius.

It has therefore come as quite a surprise to me that my world has not fallen apart. I took my phone to be repaired and it has taken almost a month to be fixed. I have survived, I have not missed any appointments, I have still managed to keep on top of my podcast listening, I have actually started calling my Mum on a landline, all-in-all I have remained in touch with the rest of the world (despite some embarrassing “errr, who is this, I dropped my phone . . .” text in response to the annual “Happy New Year” text cycle).

Having said that, I cannot deny that I have felt a warm glow of smug self-satisfaction ever since I collected my newly repaired iPhone4 at lunchtime.

I can tweet on the move once more, I can play Toobz on the train, I don’t have to delete text message because the memory on my sim card is full, i can admire those soft, well designed contours, the clear text – REJOICE!


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