A few years ago, I came across a video that perfectly captured the pace of change in the way are communicating with each other. A guy called Erik Qualman is behind it, he has updated the video several times.

It is well worth a watch:

I think the messages packed into those 4 minutes are worth seeing, but it’s worthwhile just to see how well Mr Qualman has utilised youtube as a tool to convey his message. The style, tone, pace and content of this lends itself so well to going viral and it is something that can be used in many contexts. I have used it in presentations, during training sessions and even as pep talk to myself when I need some motivation to get up off my backside to do something.


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  1. Rich Speight says:

    Cheers for this post, Derf. Really great intro to why social media is important, especially at the end when it says about the ROI being existing 5 years down the line. I’ll be sharing this with our EU project partners tomorrow.

  2. derfelowen says:

    Happy to oblige. Every time I show this film, the people watching just gasp at the sheer size and pace of what’s happened over such a short space of time

    Thanks for reading.

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