I have to admit that I absolutely love this time of year for one reason. Nothing to do with excessive booze or ghastly opportunities to grab the hands of someone you barely know and mime the word to Auld Lang Syne.

I love the prediction season, I read all newspapers, magazines, blogs etc. and listen to umpty thrumpty radio 4 programmes where various know-it-alls share their infinite wisdom and tell us what we can expect in the year ahead. It’s great fun.

Given that I am a bit of a know-it-all myself, I don’t see why I can’t use my blog as an opportunity to share my thought on what will happen this year. So in the world of higher education, I expect the following to happen (or not as the case may be):

  1. David Willetts and Vince Cable will remain in their respective positions
  2. The Higher Education Bill will not materialise. Now that the fee system has been legislated for, the Government will conclude that they can make the vast majority of their desired reforms using delegated powers under current legislation
  3. Applications for university places will fall, but by much less than doom-mongers predict (no more than 4%)
  4. HEFCE will publish a list of Universities in financial difficulty
  5. No universities will have  to close or merge
  6. QAA will launch a blog (I promised this last year, but failed to deliver!)
  7. A new UK league table will be launched with much fanfare
  8. There will be serious talk of a new mission group made up of the top-10 recruiting institutions in the UK. It will not happen!

That’s enough I think!


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  1. […] be a great deal of whooping and rejoicing in the HE sector at this news, but it would not be wise. As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, I suspect the Government have finally realised that they do not need to legislate to make any of […]

  2. […] the beginning of 2012, I made some guesses for might happen in the world of HE in 2012. I thought  it might be fun to have a look back to see […]

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